I made two unfinished scripts in Stac today. It doesn’t look like a proper script but with what I got in the end they look okay.

Prompt: Someone is telling you a very big secret

1: Arthur!
2: Huh, oh, hey there Ruby!
1: Oh my god, Arthur! I’m so glad to see you!
2: Uh, me too. You look tired.
1: Well, I did ran for like 10 minutes. But that’s no-
2: Wait, you ran for 10 minutes just to see me? That’s not like you. What-
1: It doesn’t matter how long I ran, I need to tell you something!
2: What is it?
1: Well….I….
2: Is something wrong?
1: No!-I mean, maybe? I just don’t know if I should tell you.
2: Why wouldn’t you tell me? We known each other since middle school, it can’t be that bad.
1: I made a deal with a devil!
2: ….What?
1: I….made a deal with a devil….
2: You’re kidding right?
1: No! Does it look I am! Listen, you know how I’ve been….acting. Last week I felt really bad, so much I….I wanted to end my life.

Prompt: At your front door you meet someone you haven’t seen in 12 years. Will this encounter lead to something good or bad?

1: May I help you?
2: Uh, this may sounds strange, but do you remember me?
1: Uh, unfortunately no.
2: Well, not even your nickname princess?
1: Princess….wait, Gil?!
2: Nice to meet you too Guda.
1: Oh my god it’s been 12 years since I last saw you! How have you been? Wait, first, how did you know my address?
2: I might’ve still had your friend Illia’s phone number and asked her your address.
1: Oh, then I’ll remind myself to yell at her for not telling me you were coming here.
2: I also might of asked her to not tell you that I was coming here.

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