The third week of me working on independent projects in STAC is just trying to paint the rest of the artwork. I painted the floor,  the ceiling, the table, the bookshelf, and the rest of the objects. I tried my best to work fast but not mess up. It’s annoying (at least to me) to try to not mess up painting like not painting over the lines. Perhaps I think too much about this.

Besides all of that, despite it not being finished, overall, it looks alright. The mandala really sticks out due to its bright colors compared to the rest of the dull room. So it at least had my intent on it. The only thing that really sticks out due to the color besides the mandala is the ceiling. And no, it’s not the canvas, I mixed white paint with a tiny hint of blue paint and painted the ceiling with it.

Sadly, I was unable to finish it by the end of the week. It was my goal to at the very least finish this artwork, but I can’t even seem to do that. It felt like a little blow to my artistic talent. I always questioned my skills, and this surely didn’t help. I know I’m somewhat of a perfectionist but I can’t help it.


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