On the second week of working on independent projects in STAC, I continued working on the artwork (I’ll just call it the mandala room). After I transfer the line art of the work onto canvas, I redrew some on the lines because they were too light and I thought I could easily mess up painting within the lines if they remained like that.  When that was done I finally started painting. I decided to paint the mandala first since it was in the wall like a background, and I believe that it’s better to start with the background first then go to the foreground. I was assuming that I would finish painting the mandala by the end of the week, but unfortunately I didn’t. But I did in the end finish painting the mandala and even started painting the walls and some objects in the mandala room while in my art class outside of school on Saturday.

There are plenty of times when I wish I could work a bit faster without losing the accuracy. Sometimes I don’t even care if the final product doesn’t look as good as other think, if I was that frustrated and thought it looked alright then I didn’t care. That hasn’t happened so far while working on the mandala room, but I guess I’m worried if it could come to that point. I want to use this in my portfolio, but I’m worried. I always have my doubts that my pieces are good enough, despite winning a Gold Key and a Honorable Mention in a Scholastic Art Competition for two of my artworks.

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