There is this piece I was working on before the Independent Project started. I wanted to do a artwork with a mandala in it and my art teacher outside school wanted me to do a perspective piece, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone (not literally). I have seen pictures online of a room with a giant mandala wallpaper on one side of the wall, and I thought it looked cool.

S0 what I was able to do before the Independent Project started was make a sketch of the room and the mandala, try to draw the perspective of the room as accurate as possible on transparent/vellum paper, and copy the lines on the vellum paper with transfer paper underneath onto a canvas. Since there were only a few days to work on the Independent Project, I was unable to finish much. But I was able to finish drawing over the artwork on the vellum paper and with the transfer paper underneath it was able to transfer the the artwork onto the canvas.

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